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About Us
Agile Logic helps companies deliver better software faster. Our unique Absolute Agile
 approach blends the best lean and agile methods to reduce risk, maximize benefits and ensure continuous improvement.

Founded in 2001 by industry veterans, Agile Logic provides services world-wide from our headquarters in Fullerton, outside of Los Angeles, CA. Agile Logic delivers a full spectrum of services including assessment, planning, training and coaching.

Agile Logic's leadership team has solid development process expertise, deep software engineering skills and a mature background in business and product management.

Paul Hodgetts
 helps teams improve their software development processes using lean and agile approaches. As the founder and CEO of Agile Logic, he provides consulting, coaching and training to a wide variety of clients. Paul has more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of software development from in-the-trenches coding to executive engineering management, on a wide variety of projects from embedded real time control to distributed internet business applications. Paul has served as a trainer, coach, mentor and team member of agile development teams since 1998.

Paul is a recognized expert and authority in lean and agile development principles, practices and leading processes, including Kanban, Scrum and Extreme Programming. He is a Certified Kanban Coaching Professional and a Certified Scrum Professional, and actively contributes to the evolution of lean and agile processes. Paul was an early adopter of agile development approaches, and originally received training and mentoring from thought leaders including Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, Ken Schwaber, Robert C. Martin, David A. Anderson, and Mary and Tom Poppendieck.

Paul is a published author and a frequent and popular presenter at conferences (Agile 20xx, SD East and West, Agile Development, XP Agile Universe, Java One), professional organizations and user groups. He has served as a Program Director for the Agile Alliance and as a member of the Extreme Programming and Java/J2EE advisory boards at California State University Fullerton.

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Agile Logic CEO Paul Hodgetts
Paul Hodgetts

As early proponents and innovators in applying lean and agile principles to the entire software development effort, we have repeatedly experienced the benefits of lean and agile culture:
• Faster Release Cycles
• Adaptability to Change
• Higher Quality
• Satisfied Customers
• Greater Visibility
• Sustainable Delivery
• Increased Productivity
• Energized Teams

At Agile Logic, our mission is to deliver these benefits throughout organizations and across industry sectors.

Agile Logic has more than six years of experience assisting clients through successful agile transitions. We have worked with many companies, including Yahoo!, SAP, Microsoft, Xerox, Union Pacific, Fidelity, Kelly Blue Book and a host of others. Our domain experience touches upon a wide range of sectors and industries, including government, finance, e-commerce, wireless, robotics, supply chain, transportation, manufacturing, process control and aerospace.

Agile Logic consultants are recognized experts in agile development with proven track records of delivering projects. We are practitioners, authors, popular speakers and active participants in the agile community.

Agile Logic has the experience to select, plan and implement the best lean and agile methods for your unique environment. You can depend on our proven Absolute AgileSM approach to assess your environment, design and implement a tailored plan, and measure success each step of the way.