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Agile Logic helps companies deliver better software faster. Our unique Absolute Agile
 approach blends the best lean and agile methods to reduce risk, maximize benefits and ensure continuous improvement.

Your Challenges.
  Enterprise-class software development can be challenging. Outsourcing, distributed teams, multiple product portfolios, complex architectures and large project communities all demand unique adaptations to standard lean and agile practices. Even for single teams, adoption of lean and agile processes requires the systematic development of new skills and a new approach to organizational culture. To state it another way, change is hard!

Our Solutions.
  Agile Logic can dramatically reduce risk and accelerate your transition to agile. With a full spectrum of services, our
Absolute Agile
 approach can guide your teams through any step of the transition—assessment, planning, training, coaching, measuring results and ensuring continuous improvement. The effectiveness of
Absolute Agile
 is rooted in extensive real world, hands-on experience that spans the full range of enterprise development, from single-team adoption of Test-Driven Development to the coordination of multiple, interdependent Scrum teams across geographic locations and time zones.

Absolute Agile
 is not another agile methodology. It is our approach for building agile software development capabilities using principles and practices from a broad range of lean and agile disciplines. As a process improvement strategy,
Absolute Agile
 embraces assessment, planning, skill-building and measurement of results. Our formula does not mandate proprietary methods or tools, but rather selects the best lean and agile techniques to create a tailored plan for your specific situation.

Absolute Agile
 draws upon an extensive toolkit of lean and agile practices from a wide variety of proven approaches including Lean Software Development, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Design for Six Sigma, Organizational Change Management and many others. Knowing the interrelationships of all these practices, and with our first-hand knowledge of the common risks and potential pitfalls, we work with you to design and implement an approach to select, tune and scale agile methods to meet the distinct challenges of your unique environment.

Agile Logic positions your organization for sustaining a culture of continuous improvement. The
Absolute Agile
 approach reduces risk, maximizes your benefits and generates immediate results. Each step of the way your incremental investment produces measurable improvement in your agile capabilities, and tangible progress towards achieving your business goals.

Before you spend time and money on a partial approach, contact Agile Logic to find out how
Absolute Agile
 aligns with your objectives, and what it takes to achieve your extraordinary agile transformation.

Agile Logic is a service company dedicated to improving your organization's capacity to successfully produce and deliver software in today's challenging business environment. Founded in 2001 by industry veterans with proven track records of delivering projects, Agile Logic provides services world-wide from our headquarters in Fullerton, outside of Los Angeles, CA. Agile Logic consultants are recognized experts in lean and agile software development. We are practitioners, authors, popular speakers and active participants in the agile community.