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Framed by our Absolute Agile
  approach, Agile Logic's process transition services can dramatically reduce the risk of transitioning your organization to using agile processes. Our incremental program of service delivery guides you safely through potential roadblocks and pitfalls, enabling you to realize rapid returns on your investment in agile processes.
Core Services
Successful agile transitions require effective support to build your team's expertise, execute key agile practices, and adapt and tune your process to deliver the maximum benefits to meet your goals. Agile Logic's core training, workshops and coaching services have been specifically designed to provide the important support your team needs for an efficient and successful kick-off. When combined in our Absolute Agile
  framework, Agile Logic's services guide your team through each step of their transition.

Agile Logic's expert consultants will help you assess your organization's needs and plan an effective strategy for adopting agile practices. Agile Logic's training courses and workshops are proven to prepare your team with the knowledge and skills they need for success. Working side-by-side with your team, our experienced coaches will safely and effectively kick-off your agile projects. Our follow-through coaching and mentoring approach helps your team maintain momentum by providing on-the-spot guidance, quickly addressing issues and leading to increased productivity and sustainable deliveries.

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Training Seminars & Programs
Agile Logic offers a wide range of training courses addressing the needs of each stage of your transition, and each area of your team's practices. We can also customize courses from our extensive library of training modules to target specialized project needs.

Core Agile Team Training — This is the essential starting point for preparing your teams for an agile transition. This seminar provides the core training that establishes a shared base of agile knowledge and common understanding of the principles and practices of agile development. While based on the proven practices of Scrum and Extreme Programming, this course provides a thorough grounding in lean and agile practices from a wide range of methods and approaches.

Scrum Process Training — Agile Logic has taken over seven years of real-world Scrum practice, combined with our extensive accelerated learning expertise, and designed the most effective, hands-on Scrum training courses available. Our courses will enable your team to immediately gain the key benefits of Scrum to successfully deliver your projects.

Certified ScrumMaster
& Certified Scrum Product Owner
Agile Logic was one of the very first to offer ScrumMaster certification training in 2004, and we have certified hundreds of ScrumMasters worldwide. Our expertise in preparing ScrumMasters and Product Owners for their real-world responsibilities extends far beyond a basic two-day course, and includes meaningful training, coaching and hands-on mentoring for ScrumMasters and Product Owners in their actual project situations.
In the event you decide Scrum Alliance
certifications are necessary for your agile transition, Agile Logic can recommend one of our close Certified Scrum Trainer
partners, who can integrate the certification training into your overall agile transition program.

Agile Technical & Engineering Practices — This course provides a solid grounding in the full range of agile development practices. In addition to test-driven development, continuous integration, refactoring, unit testing, build & test automation, this course also includes innovative modules on emergent architecture & design, agile database practices and agile user interface design.

Agile Quality Assurance Practices — This seminar addresses the approach and practices for integrating Quality Assurance into agile processes. This course covers the role of quality assurance and testing personnel in agile processes, agile quality assurance practices, acceptance testing techniques and tool support for agile testing.

Teamwork & Team Building Skills — This seminar covers many aspects of what it means to be an effective agile team, including forming successful teams, defining team expectations, conducting collaborative activities, making decisions effectively, solving problems, establishing a learning culture and understanding the roles of leadership and followership.

Hands-on Workshops
While comprehensive training is essential to initiate your agile project, it is the application of your newly acquired knowledge that will transform understanding into skill and propel an agile transition to success. Driven by the collaboration and feedback of our clients, Agile Logic has developed a set of unique and extremely effective workshops that enable your teams to leverage their training and quickly begin to deliver results.

Using your actual teams and projects, our workshops provide a powerful combination of situational training and expert step-by-step mentoring and guidance in the performance of specific, real-world process activities. Agile Logic's coaches work side-by-side with your team, ensuring the correct application of agile practices and helping them avoid costly misunderstandings and false starts.

Organizational Scrum Workshop — This workshop provides mentoring, training and coaching for the steering team responsible for implementing, sustaining and improving your agile software development capabilities.

Product Owner Workshop — This workshop provides the Product Owner team with direct experience in the key concepts and practices of the Product Owner, including product backlog creation and management, requirements analysis, feature set and feature planning and story writing and refinement.

Release Planning Workshop — This workshop provides the agile team with direct experience in the key concepts and practices of release planning, including estimating level of effort and capacity, prioritizing, mapping release plans and managing releases.

Iteration Planning Workshop — This workshop provides the team with direct experience in the key concepts and practices of iteration planning, including selecting product backlog for an iteration, task breakdowns, task estimating and task planning. (Note that iterations are also called "sprints" in the Scrum process.)

End of Iteration Workshop — This activity provides the agile team with direct experience in the key concepts and practices of iteration reviews, iteration retrospectives and how to incorporate the feedback gained into their ongoing planning and process improvement efforts.

Coaching & Mentoring
The early iterations of a new agile project are the most critical, and where your team will gain valuable feedback and encounter the most challenges. Agile Logic's hands-on coaching services provide your team with the support and guidance to quickly overcome obstacles and gain proficiency in their agile practices. Our experienced coaches will work side-by-side with your team, mentoring and guiding them in the implementation of lean and agile practices.

Agile Logic is committed to your continuing long-term success. Our coaches will work closely with your team to ensure their ongoing effectiveness, and to help them incorporate their learning and feedback, and guide the tuning and adaptation of their agile practices. Through periodic check-up coaching, we will help your team quickly identify and solve issues as they arise throughout your project.

Assessment & Planning
One of the keys to successfully adopting an agile process is to start with a thorough understanding of the unique needs and circumstance within your organization. Agile Logic's assessment activities gather and analyze important information about your organization, environment, products, projects and teams to develop a profile for your agile transition. Agile Logic coaches will use a combination of interviews, surveys and observations, as required, to conduct the assessment and generate the profile information.

From the assessment information, Agile Logic coaches will establish a customized implementation approach based on the lean and agile methods most appropriate for your unique environment.

Start Your Journey
The first step in your agile transition is to schedule your free consultation. Your Agile Logic coach will work with you to begin the preliminary assessment and planning activities, and develop an initial plan and proposal for your agile transition. Before you spend your time and money on a partial approach, find out how Agile Logic can help your projects deliver better software faster.
Agile Logic is committed to support you in your successful transition to lean and agile development. You can always reach us by phone at (714) 577-5795 or by email at info@agilelogic.com. We look forward to working with your team and helping you accomplish your goals!