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Absolute Agile
 is not another agile methodology. It is our approach for building agile software development capabilities using principles and practices from a broad range of lean and agile disciplines. Our Absolute Agile approach does not mandate proprietary methods or tools. Instead, we select the best lean and agile techniques for your specific situation.

With more than six years of assisting our clients through successful agile transitions, the Absolute Agile toolkit draws from our extensive experience with a wide variety of processes, including Lean Software Development, Scrum, Extreme Programming, Design for Six Sigma, the Agile Unified Process and others.

Knowing the interrelationships of all these practices, and with our first-hand knowledge of the common risks and potential pitfalls, we work with you to design a tailored approach that selects, tunes and scales agile methods to meet the distinct challenges of your unique environment.

Your plan is promptly set into action with our Organizational Scrum seminars, innovative leadership workshops and our highly regarded team training and coaching. All of these services are carefully targeted to quickly gain momentum, measure progress and ensure a solid footing for your ongoing success.

Enterprise-class software development can be very challenging. Outsourcing, distributed teams, multiple product portfolios, complex architectures and large project communities all demand unique adaptations to standard lean and agile practices.

The effectiveness of our Absolute Agile approach is rooted in extensive real world, hands-on experience that spans the full range of enterprise development, from single team adoption of Extreme Programming practices to the coordination of multiple, interdependent Scrum teams across time zones and geographic locations.
The Absolute Agile approach specifically identifies and targets the benefits that are most important to your organization:

• Faster Release Cycles

• Adaptability to Change

• Higher Quality

• Satisfied Customers

• Greater Visibility

• Sustainable Delivery

• Increased Productivity

• Energized Teams

Ensuring the sustainability of your agile capabilities is a key objective of the Absolute Agile approach. There is an inherent danger that an organization can slip back into non-agile practices or otherwise fail to maintain the momentum of an agile transition. Our Organizational Scrum framework is specifically designed to address these risks, enabling you to realize the long-term benefits of a successful lean and agile transition.
As a process improvement strategy, Absolute Agile embraces assessment, planning, skill-building and measurement of results. To effectively promote and govern these critical disciplines, Agile Logic created a framework to help you steer your agile transition. We call this framework
Organizational Scrum

Organizational Scrum is a higher-level activity that implements tracking and steering for your agile transition and process improvement initiative. Running separately from the development team Scrums, your Organizational Scrum is a proven, effective mechanism for ensuring that you maximize the ongoing benefits from your transition to lean and agile methods.

Agile Logic primes your organization for sustaining a culture of continuous improvement. The Absolute Agile approach reduces risk, maximizes your benefits and generates immediate results. Each step of the way, your incremental investment produces measurable improvement in your agile capabilities, and tangible progress towards your successful agile transition.

Periodic reassessment of your lean and agile capabilities provides the standardized feedback needed for your Organizational Scrum and to steer your transition through continuous improvement. Agile Logic will help you build your assessment practices, or you can rely on our comprehensive services for independent third-party assessment. Either way, you increase your ability to avoid risk and to target new opportunities for ongoing innovation and improvement.


The key to successfully adopting an agile process starts with a thorough understanding of the unique needs and circumstance within your organization. Agile Logic
assessment and planning
  services ensure that your organization has sufficiently identified and considered crucial issues prior to initiating the adoption effort. Our organizational-readiness assessment measures your existing capabilities and profiles potential challenges.

Just like your organization is unique, with its own combination of challenges and circumstances, the most effective plan for your transition to agile processes will also be unique. Our
  services develop a customized implementation approach based on the lean and agile methods most appropriate for your specific situation.

To effectively initiate an agile transition effort, a solid foundation of knowledge and skills is essential for your entire team. Successful agile transitions require careful preparation through a combination of
  in a variety of agile principles and practices, targeted for each aspect of your team—software engineering, quality assurance, project and product management and organizational leadership.
Agile Logic's industry-leading courses utilize advanced accelerated learning techniques to go beyond typical lecture presentations and deliver transformative learning experiences for your team.

While comprehensive training is essential to initiate your agile project, it is the application of your newly acquired knowledge that will transform understanding into skill and propel a transition to success. Driven by feedback from our clients, Agile Logic has developed a set of uniquely effective
  to enable your teams to leverage their training and deliver results. Using your actual teams and projects, our workshops provide expert step-by-step mentoring and guidance in the performance of specific, real-world process activities such as product backlog development, iteration planning and estimating, and test-driven development.

The first week of a new agile project is the most critical. It is in this first week that your team will gain valuable feedback and encounter the most challenges. Agile Logic's hands-on
kick-off coaching
  services provide your team with the support and guidance to quickly overcome obstacles and gain proficiency in their agile practices.

Our experienced coaches will work side-by-side with your team,
mentoring and leading
  them through activities such as release and iteration planning, daily stand-up meetings and detailed technical practices. Through the crucial initial iterations we help your teams quickly identify and solve issues as they arise.

iteration wrap-up
  services ensure definitive closure to your iterations, from the critical final days of development and testing, through the important practices of iteration reviews and retrospectives. The insight and issues that emerge from team retrospectives are selectively shared with the Organizational Scrum to ensure they receive appropriate attention.

To track ongoing progress, Agile Logic's
  services help you measure your team and organizational capabilities, and quickly identify the current constraints of your software development process. Our structured assessments and value stream mapping workshops provide the metrics that enable you to accurately target the most effective next step for building your lean and agile capabilities.