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Agile Logic has been guiding organizations through extraordinary agile transformations since 2001. Our extensive list of clients includes some of the world's most successful lean and agile organizations. These are just a few success stories of clients that we've helped deliver better software faster.

When Yahoo! began their enterprise agile transformation in late 2004, they turned to Agile Logic to help kick-off their first Scrum teams. Agile Logic provided the training, workshops and hands-on coaching to introduce lean and agile practices to over a dozen teams developing products as diverse as Yahoo! Photos and the Yahoo! Mail infrastructure. Yahoo!'s agile transformation has been remarkably successful, delivering increased productivity, higher team morale, better adaptability and heightened collaboration. Agile Logic's involvement produced innovative techniques such as those described in "Experiences Integrating Sophisticated User Experience Design Practices into Agile Processes."

For more on Yahoo!'s Scrum results, see the "Scrum Primer" available at http://www.scrumprimer.com.
The whitepaper "Experiences Integrating Sophisticated User Experience Design Practices into Agile Processes" is available in our resources section.

Agile Logic has been a key partner in SAP's long-term success utilizing agile processes. Beginning in 2005, our coaching team led the implementation of agile and Scrum practices for SAP's critical new product development teams. These teams, distributed across Germany, Bulgaria, India and the U.S., adopted enterprise-wide agile practices, successfully releasing groundbreaking new implementations of SAP's information management platform throughout 2006 and 2007. Agile Logic continues our involvement in 2007 by leading the introduction of Scrum to SAP's compliance product teams in the U.S. and India. SAP considers their agile implementation to be a key factor in their long-term success strategy.

For more on SAP's agile process transition, see the article "Customer Involvement at All Stages" from the July 2006 issue of SAP Info magazine at http://www.sap.info.

Caribou Lake
By late 2002, Caribou Lake Software's project was behind schedule and struggling, and their customer had lost confidence in the team's ability to deliver. Agile Logic's hands-on agile coaching and development services enabled the team to significantly improve its practices, the quality of the application and its ability to deliver value to the customer. The turnaround was dramatic—within months, the team successfully delivered several production releases of the application, and the customer was extremely happy with the results.

"Agile Logic came on board as the technical lead on a project that was already underway and struggling. The project was behind schedule and the client was losing confidence in our ability to deliver a quality product.
"Agile Logic's professionalism and hands-on agile process coaching made a huge impact on our team's velocity and the quality of the application.
"We have now delivered several production releases, the client is extremely happy with the progress we have made and we have regained their confidence in our team."
- Pam Todd, V.P. Delivery, Caribou Lake Software

Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book utilizes lean and agile methods to guide their development efforts across multiple product teams both in-house and outsourced in China. Agile logic has partnered with Kelley Blue Book since 2005, providing support for all phases of Kelley Blue Book's agile transformation, from initial assessment and planning, to training and team kick-offs, to ongoing coaching and tuning support, at all levels from executive management to the development teams.

Jonel Engineering
When Jonel Engineering started development on their next generation concrete plant control system in 2005, they knew they needed effective development practices to tame the real-time complexities. Agile Logic's coaches worked side-by-side with Jonel's engineers throughout the project, implementing agile engineering practices to ensure the quality and reliability Jonel's customers demand. Jonel's latest Archer system, successfully released in 2006, continues their leadership as a major supplier of plant control systems.

Escrow.com is the cornerstone of success on which Agile Logic was founded. From 1999 to 2001, as Director of Development and acting CTO, Agile Logic founder Paul Hodgetts led the enterprise-wide adoption of XP and Scrum practices. The results, published in the book "Extreme Programming Perspectives", were remarkable—67% faster development velocity, 79% less developer hours, 53% reduction of release cycles, 71% fewer defects, greater customer satisfaction and a smaller, less complex code base.

The whitepaper "eXtreme Adoption eXperiences of a B2B Start Up" is available in our resources section.
Agile Logic's substantial lean and agile experience spans a wide range of sectors and industries, including government, finance, e-commerce, wireless, robotics, supply chain, transportation, manufacturing, process control and aerospace. Here's a sampling of the extensive list of clients we've partnered with to achieve their extraordinary agile transformations.